Edith Stevens photo


Early woman cartoonist and creator of Us Girls

Edith Stevens on the rooftop of the Boston Post offices. Circa 1930s.

Edith Stevens in photographer promotional image. Circa 1930s.

Edith Stevens on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA. Circa 1930s.

Us Girls by Edith Stevens billboard at Park Street Station in Boston, MA. 1953

Edith Stevens’ Boston Post office at 275 Washington St., Boston, MA. Circa 1930’s

Edith Stevens skiing at the Flume, NH. Circa 1930s.

Edith Stevens with the first cats to fly across the USA by plane. 1937

Edith Stevens (far right) with coworkers at the Boston Post. Circa 1930s.

Edith Stevens (center, taking a bow) at the WEEI Radio studio in Boston, MA after her on-air interview. Circa 1950s.

Edith Stevens at her Boston Post drawing table. Circa 1930’s